ECV1850 Plaque:
San Jose High School
150 Years

San Jose High School entrance

Pat Sweeney, Class of 1972

(L-R) NGH Steve Perez, XNGH Patrick Aloycious Sweeney, SJHS Class of 1972.

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Founded in 1863 during the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln, SJHS is the oldest high school in Santa Clara
County and second oldest in California. Its first classes were held in a 2nd floor room of J. G. Orbon's flour
store, where John Joseph Bowen, the founder and first teacher and principal, taught classes. January 1,
1868, SJHS was located on Santa Clara Street, where the first diplomas were awarded to high school
students. In 1898, a new high school building was ready on Washington Square and declared at the time
one of the finest high schools in California. On April 18, 1906, the building was destroyed by the San
Francisco earthquake. After the earthquake of 1906, classes were held for two years in the Lincoln school
building. September 9, 1908 a new SJHS was dedicated on San Fernando Street, but with the growth
of higher education in the early 1950's, SJHS was forced to relocate once again. The site is now San Jose
State University. Since November 2, 1952 SJHS has been at this current location.

Graduates include leaders in education, athletics, the arts, business, philanthropy, and public service.
These include three United States Congressmen, a San Jose Mayor and Cabinet member. As an
International Baccalaureate World School, it continues to provide leadership models.

Dedicated on June 15, 2013

Sponsored by
San Jose High Class of 1972
Native Sons of the Golden West
Mountain Charlie Chapter No.1850, E Clampus Vitus


 Victorian Bar

This plaque is located at the main entrance
to the San Jose High School campus
275 North 24th Street
(near the corner of Julian Street)
San Jose, CA 95116-1109

  San Jose High School  
  150 Years  
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N. 37.35004°
W. -121.87126°

 Victorian Bar


Christening the new Plaque... Clamper style.
Foreground (L-R) XNGH Larry Helling,


XNGH Patrick Aloycious Sweeney, SJHS Class of 1972.


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