ECV1850 at the
San Jose Historical Museum:
The Umbarger House

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Built in the 1870's by David Umbarger, the Umbarger
house exemplifies the fine craftsmanship and intricate
decoration common to homes of the era. The ornate design
gracing the exterior of the Umbarger home is today gen-
erally termed "gingerbread" or "carpenter's gothic" since
it was usually the carpenter's task to laboriously produce
an original and handcut decorative pattern.

One of the gold mining '49ers, David Umbarger was an
early pioneer of South San Jose. Some twenty years after
purchasing 136.5 acres off Monterey Road in 1851, he
built this house at 2662 South First Street, probably at
the time of his marriage. Although survived by his wife and
son, he bequeathed his house and land to his sister in 1891.

Since then, the house has passed through several owners
and in this century has commonly been known as the Holt
House after David Holt, a prohibition resort owner who
owned the home for several decades. In August of 1970,
the home was moved to the Museum grounds.

The San Jose Historical Museum wishes to thank the following
organizations and people for their support and donations to
the Umbarger House: The Questers Inc.; San Jose Kiwanis Club;
E Clampus Vitus, Mountain Charlie Chapter;
Mr. Robert Doerr and family; Mrs. Margaret Long Burton;
Susan and Mario Vernali; and Peter and Emma Aimonetti for
their donation of the home.

 Victorian Bar

Located at The Umbarger House
San Jose Historical Museum
Kelley Park
1650 Senter Road
San Jose.
Santa Clara County, CA.

Admission is free Tuesday - Sunday
Noon - 5:00pm.

  Umbarger House  
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