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San Jose Historical Museum:
Dashaway Stables

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Hailed as one of the best arranged and equipped livery
stables on the coast, Dashaway Stables was constructed
by Frederick Tennant and William Connell in 1888 at 130
South Second Street, San Jose. Dashaway Stables, proud
of its excellent reputation for the care given its teams and
equipment, soon advertised "a large string of useful, care-
ful animals of fine appearance, with vehicles of all kinds
and sizes."

A satellite stable of Lick Livery and Hack company,
Dashaway Stables was a forerunner of today's taxi and
rent-a-car agencies. Hacks could be rented for short scenic
excoursions. Urging its patrons to "Revel in the delights of
a spring through Santa Clara Valley, its foothills and
adjacent mountains, behind a Dashaway team in the
hands of a skilled Dashaway driver." Dashaway Stables
was among the first city business to offer a phone res-
ervation service for its customers.

In 1894 Lyman Hale took posession of the stables until
1898 when Arthur L. Chambers became President of Lick
Livery and Hack Co. The stables were destroyed in 1928.

Appreciation is gratefully extended to E Clampus Vitus,
Mountain Charlie Chapter;
Mary lou Lyon's California History class of 1975
at Homestead High School;
and The San Jose Historical Museum Association for
their donation of labor in completing this project.

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Located at Dashaway Stables
San Jose Historical Museum
Kelley Park
1650 Senter Road
San Jose.
Santa Clara County, CA.

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