ECV1850 at the
San Jose Historical Museum:
The Bandstand

[ Photo of bandstand wide.]

[ Photo of bandstand wide.]

[ Photo of plaque closeup.]

This bandstand is a replica of the bandstand that served
the City of Santa Clara for many years until it was demol-
ished in 1955.

The bandstand was often the focal point of a city's plaza
or park providing a place for entertainment and speakers.
The San Jose Historical Museum
would like to express its sincere thanks to
E Clampus Vitus, Mountain Charlie Chapter,
for construction of the bandstand.

Special thanks for materials is extended to
Southern Lumber and Alco Paramount.

 Victorian Bar

Located at The Bandstand
San Jose Historical Museum
Kelley Park
1650 Senter Road
San Jose.
Santa Clara County, CA.

Admission is free Tuesday - Sunday
Noon - 5:00pm.

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N 37.32030°
W 121.85860°

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