ECV1850 Plaque:
Georgiana Bruce Kirby

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1818 - 1887
An intellectual, humanitarian, and suffragist. Georgiana
raised her family in this house from 1854 until her
death in 1887. Born in England and educated in the
East by America's leading thinkers and writers, she
brought to California an intellectual fervor difficult
for the pioneer town of Santa Cruz to comprehend. An
early advocate of women's rights, she founded the first
Santa Cruz Society of Suffragists in 1869 and lobbied
passionately for the vote. Her outspoken ideas on
social reform played a significant role in shaping
attitudes in the new land.
October 14, 1989
Monterey Viejo Chapter 1846
Mountain Charlie Chapter 1850
E Clampus Vitus

 Victorian Bar

This plaque is located at
117 Jordan Street
Santa Cruz.
Santa Cruz County, CA.

Between King and Escalona Dr.
off Mission Street (HWY. 1)

This is a private home.
Please do not disturb the residents.

  Georgiana Kirby  
WGS84 Datum
N 36.97623°
W 122.03394°

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