Clampers In The News:

E Clampus Vitus.

"Right wrongs nobody."

San Jose Tribune.

April 27, 1855.
Vol.2, No.33.
Editorial page, Column 2.

    E Clampus Vitus - This ancient, honorable and mystic order bids fair to become one of the most extensive organizations in the State. Its rise and progress in California has been even more rapid than that of the ubiquitous Order of Know Nothings. A branch has lately been formed in Stokton [sic] also in San Francisco and Sacramento. Among its members are believed to be very many of our most distinguished and honorable citizens, legislators, men of all professions, -laymen and good persons in every walk of life.

    The objects of the Order, so far as we are permitted to adumbrate them to the public, are to harmonize and unite the conflicting interests and prejudices, both social and political, that are so fife among us, into one common brotherhood.

    Purposes so benign and noble will surely commend themselves to our good citizens here in San Jose. Though strictly a secret organization, and therefore somewhat repugnant to the feelings of some of our friends, we bid it God speed and hope that it may spread and flourish.


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