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Phil Frank

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Phil Frank

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[ XMGH Jim Tanner ]
XNGH² Jim Tanner

The thrill-packed adventures of Mountain Charlie No.1850 and Yerba Buena #1 chapters'
very own XNGH² Jim Tanner and his perpetually perambulating plaque are featured in
Phil Frank's current Farley cartoon series in the San Francisco Chronicle.

San Francisco Chronicle

[ Farley cartoon #1 in series. ]

[ Farley cartoon #2 in series. ]

[ Farley cartoon #3 in series. ]

The saga continues...
Stay tuned for more.

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[ 1906 Epicenter Plaque ceremony. ]

ECV YB#1 NGH² Jim Tanner and
Mary Lou Zoback, USGS Senior Research Scientist,
at plaque dedication ceremony on September 27, 2003
Thornton Beach.
Daly City.
San Mateo County, CA.

[ 1906 Epicenter Plaque unveiled. ]

Jim unveils the portable plaque.

[ 1906 Epicenter Plaque at USGS. ]

ECV 1906 Epicenter Plaque on display at the
United States Geological Survey's Open House
in Menlo Park on June 4, 2006.

[ 1906 Epicenter Plaque close-up. ]

  1906 San Francisco  
WGS84 Datum
N 37.75000°37°  42.00' N
W 122.55000°122°  30.00' W

*Approximate location.

Ellsworth, William L., "Earthquake History, 1769-1989"
in USGS Professional Paper 1515, Robert E. Wallace, ed.,1990


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