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Mountain Charlie No.1850
Needs You!

Yes, Mountain Charlie Chapter needs YOU
to help with our upcoming community events.
Whether you can spend a few hours or all day,
your help will be greatly appreciated.

A special note from XNGH Mike Eckley:


Mountain Charlie is ramping up to work the 2018 Shoreline concert season.
If you, or you know of anyone who wants to get trained to help
(including Widder's and Orf'ns over 21)
contact VNGH Mark Osborn at
or myself at as soon as possible
to get a seat for the Shoreline training.

Working at Shoreline has risen over $10,000 for the Widder's & Orphans Fund
and over $20,000 to do historical plaques and grants over the past two years.
We need our Brothers help to continue to help our community.


Mike Eckley

Sign up now for Shoreline Training

Mountain Charlie 1850 is in need of Brothers in good standing to volunteer
and get trained for our beer booth at Shoreline Amphitheatre.

Regarding the $15 fee for the training, Mountain Charlie 1850 will reimburse any
Brother or Widder that completes and passes the TEAM training,
and completes at least one day of service at Shoreline.

If you are willing to help out, please email me.


Mark Osborn
1 (408) 568-1147

What is this "Clamper-Shoreline" thing anyway?

For those who may not be familiar with it, here's the condensed
version of what volunteering at Shoreline is all about:

The Shoreline Amphitheatre is located at
One Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043)
(just east of Hwy 101),

It's a very large outdoor venue that features major-name music concerts...
mostly Country-Western and Rock Bands like:
Lana Del Rey, Train, Bryan Adams, Toby Keith, Vans, Nickelback, Steely Dan, Lynyrd Skynyrd, J. Cole,
Kid Rock, Dave Matthews, Foo Fighters, Deaf Leppard, Styx, Tesla, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks, and many more.

The music is top-notch and close enough to see and hear from the booth.
We usually shut down the booth early, so you can often see the last part of the concert FREE.

Shoreline has a great deal where they allow local non-profit groups to
run their various concession booths in return for a cut of the profits.
This is one of our Chapter's major revenue sources, and it's also very good PR as well.

Shoreline provides all the beer, and we provide the "labor."
All we usually do is check ID's (make sure everyone is over 21) and pour the beers.
Clampers seem to have a natural talent for this,
so everyone has a good time, and it helps the Chapter financially.

The only "catch," is that before anyone is allowed to work at Shoreline, they must first go thru a simple
TEAM training session and become "Certified." Sorry, them are State and Federal ABC rules, not ours.

Yes, our Widders and Guests (must be TEAM trained and over 21 years old
due to handling of alcoholic beverages) are welcome to work there too.

Classes cover basic stuff like what to wear (black pants and shirt, no open-toed shoes), and the
Health & Safety Code; wash yer hands, keep the booth neat and clean, etc. Nothing real difficult.

There will be absolutely NO consumption of alcohol during the show while wearing uniform shirt.

If interested in helping out, please contact
Clampatriarch Luis "The Banana" Santiago
1 (408) 348-5847
He will be happy to tell you where to go, and what time to be there.

Volunteering for Shoreline is easy.
Just fill out this simple form and then click on the SEND button.

First Name:

Last Name:



Email address:

Phone Number:

Mountain Charlie No.1850 welcomes your comments and questions:

When you are finished typing your information, click the SEND button.

Victorian Bar

Here's the Shoreline/Livenation Website for Concert Schedule, Tickets, Driving Directions, Parking info, etc:

Shoreline Amphitheatre website

Note: All shows go on rain or shine.

We REALLY need your help and support on this effort guys! The money we earn
from Shoreline helps pay for Widders & Orf'ns Fund, and other Chapter functions,
who knows maybe we can even do a plaquing sometime!!! It's all up to you!!

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