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Music was an important part of life in the Old West.
Familiar tunes, often from the "Old Country",
were brought West by land and sea with explorers, miners,
sailors, ranchers, cowpokes, and other adventurous people.

Their "homemade" music, played on guitars, fiddles, or banjos,
provided welcome relief from the often harsh life of the pioneers,
as well as providing comfort and solace to those who were thousands
of miles from home and their loved ones.

Here are a few favorite tunes, some popular during the Great Gold Rush
and Civil War periods, the Ragtime era, or from more modern vintages.
Give a listen, you'll enjoy it.


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red ball 12th Street Polonaise.

red ball A Man's a Man For a' That. - Robert Burns.

red ball Amazing Grace. - John Newton

red ball Ashokan Farewell. - Jay Ungar.

red ball As Time Goes By.

red ball Auld Lang Syne. - Robert Burns.

red ball Black Velvet Band.

red ball Cajun Cookin'.

red ball Can-Can. - Jacques Offenbach 1866.

red ball Charleston Rag. - Eubie Blake.

red ball Chevy Chase. - Eubie Blake.

red ball CQ Boogie. - Katie Webster.

red ball Dixie. - Daniel Emmett 1859.

red ball The Drunken Piper.

red ball Eating Goober Peas.

red ball The Entertainer. - Scott Joplin.

red ball The Fallen Hero.

red ball Farewell to Nova Scotia.

red ball Fermoy Lasses.

red ball The Fig-Leaf Rag. - Scott Joplin.

red ball Fisher's Hornpipe.

red ball Good Old Days (Our Gang Theme). - Le Roy Shield.

red ball High Road to Linton.

red ball Home On Derange.

red ball Humors of Whiskey. - Traditional.

red ball I Been Workin' on de Wailwoad.

red ball Kelligrew's Soiree.

[ red ball Ku-Ku (Laurel and Hardy Theme). Marvin Hatley

red ball Liberty Bell March. - J.P. Sousa.

red ball Lorena. - J.P. Webster 1857.

red ball Mamou Two-Step.

red ball Mystery Rag.

red ball New Five Cents.

red ball Nonpareil. - Scott Joplin

red ball Oh! Susanna. - Stephen Foster 1847.

red ball The Orange Blossom Special.

red ball The Parting Glass. - Traditional.

red ball Pinetop Boogie. - Pine-Top Smith.

red ball Reindeer Rag.

red ball Saint Anne's Reel.

red ball Solace. - Scott Joplin - 1907

red ball She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain.

red ball Swing Low. - Traditional.

red ball Temperance Reel.

red ball Vivaldi's Breakdown (Concerto No.6 in A). - Antonio Vivaldi.

red ball The Wabash Cannonball.

red ball The Wearin' Of The Green.

red ball We Like It Here. - P.B.C. Chorus.

red ball When Johnnie Comes Marching Home.

red ball When The Saints Go Marching In. - Traditional

red ball Whiskey Before Breakfast.

red ball Whistling Rufus. - K. Mills 1899.

red ball The Yellow Rose of Texas.

red ball I'd rather hear a duck quack!

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